April 17, 2021
Bianca Andreescu

Bianca Andreescu photo:Jimmie48 Photography


Bianca Andreescu’s Net Worth – Prize money, Salary, Endorsements

American tennis player Bianca Andreescu didn’t start the current season very confidently. The athlete took part in two tournaments, but she could not get beyond the semifinals anywhere, which did not prevent her from earning more than $115,000 for these performances.

Net Worth 7 500 000$
Born June 16, 2000
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Turned pro 2017
Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)

Bianca Andreescu’s Career

Young tennis player Bianca Andreescu was born on June 16 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Her parents are immigrants from Romania, who were forced to return to their home country sometime after the birth of their daughter. From an early age, Bianca showed a great interest in sports. She sought herself in its various sports, practicing: Swimming, Gymnastics, Figure skating, Soccer.

Returning with her parents to her native Mississauga, Andreescu devoted herself entirely to tennis. At the age of 13 she won her first serious tournament held in France. The same season she also won the championship in the United States, although most of her competitors were a few years older than Bianchi. A year later she took another trophy, again beating her older opponents. At the age of 15, Andreescu took part in professional ITF competitions, reaching the finals at her first tournament. In 2016, the Canadian tennis player takes her first ITF trophy and begins a rapid progression in the world ranking. In the same season, Andreescu competes in doubles events at Grand Slam tournaments.

The real breakthrough in Bianca’s career was 2019, when the young Canadian won three prestigious titles:

  • Indian Wells
  • Toronto
  • US Open 2019

Bianca Andreescu Endorsements

Bianca Andreescu has a contract with tennis equipment manufacturer Head, as well as sportswear manufacturer Nike.

At the end of 2019, Bianca Andreescu signed a sponsorship agreement with the Swiss brand Rolex.

Bianca Andreescu rolex
Bianca Andreescu photo:twitter.com/Bandreescu_/

“I am happy to announce that I have joined the big Swiss family!”

Bianca Andreescu

In March 2021, Bianca became the Ambassadors of Cadillac Canada.


Bianca Andreescu’s Net Worth

During her professional career, Bianca earned $6,835,466 in prize money. We estimated her net worth at $7,500,000.

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