Mirra Andreeva's Supportive Parents


Mirra's mother introduced her to tennis, fostering a deep connection to the sport from an early age


"When pregnant with Erika, I stumbled upon tennis on TV," Raisa Andreeva remembers. "The sport captivated me, and I wanted to learn the rules. Soon, I began watching matches as if they were TV series."

Mirra's entry to Madrid was on a wild card, giving her an opportunity to showcase her talent on a global stage.


Mirra Andreeva

At important tournaments, our parents try to be with us. It's much calmer and more pleasant to play matches when we have our own people around.


Mirra defeated world No. 14 Beatriz Haddad-Maya in Madrid, becoming the seventh 15-year-old to beat a top-20 player in the 21st century.


Mirra's mother quit her job to fully focus on her daughters' careers, ensuring they received the support and guidance they needed


Born in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Mirra's journey to tennis success began when she followed in her older sister Erika's footsteps


Myrra and Erika train at the French Elite Tennis Academy in Cannes


Since 2019, Mirra and Erika have partnered with IMG, a sports agency that previously worked with Maria Sharapova.