May 6, 2021

Ashleigh Barty: Learning to find a way out of difficult situations and enjoying the game

Australian tennis player Ashleigh Barty shared her impressions of victory at the tournament in Miami.

“I managed to go through a unique path. I think that every athlete goes her own way. I was able to win at these competitions, because for several years I grew, developed and worked on myself. The decision to suspend a career was right. I needed a break in the speeches. Perhaps if it hadn’t been, I would not play tennis anymore. A break gave me the opportunity to live the life of an ordinary person. Nevertheless, a special atmosphere reigns in the Tour, which not everyone will like. During the time that I did not play, I met a large number of interesting people and managed to find new friends. However, I always realized that tennis is my vocation. It just took a while to step aside to understand how much I fell in love with this game.

Of course, the defeat in the final tournament in Sydney really upset me. But thanks to him, I became stronger and went from insulting failure to triumph. It was very nice. It seems to me that in recent times I have been acting more wholly. Learning to find a way out of difficult situations and enjoy the game. I like to go to the court and play my tennis. Every time I get it all better. If I manage to demonstrate my best game, I can fight on equal terms with any rivals. Of course, success is not always achieved. However, one should always strive to move forward and rejoice at the progress, ”the WTA press service quotes Barty as quoting.

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