June 24, 2021

Victoria Azarenka: I try not to think about some numbers

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka commented on the successful start of the tournament in St. Petersburg.

– What are your thoughts on the first win of the season?

– I am very happy to win. Today it was important for me to play correctly, with the right attitude and with the right energy. First of all, I am very pleased that I was able to cope with my anxiety and nerves. I was able to play regardless of the score or anything else. I could feel confident. It was a very big step forward. You have won a lot of key points today, especially after 3/4 in the first set.

– Tell me, did you manage to go shopping in Petersburg and did you manage to find a store where you “sell” confidence?

– No, I, unfortunately, did not find such stores, it would be much easier (laughs). I still started to do some work on myself, which was needed, as I said before. Today I made a very important step for myself! I am very glad that I won. With the mood with which I played today, with the approach and desire to win, with which I went to the court today – this is the main victory today.

– Do you have the feeling that this desire to win interferes with your game?

– I think this is part of the process of working on yourself. Of course, always, when you really want something, you concentrate on it. I try to work on it.

– Not so long ago you said that you need the support of the audience. Was there support from the stands today?

– Yes of course. After that interview, I received a sea of emails and messages. It really helped me to look a little differently at that time. It cheered me up and tuned me to the next steps. It is necessary to try more every day not only to play, but also to feel positive and go to the court with the right approach.

How does Viktoria Azarenka behave like a mother when the results fade into the background and you come home and see your son?

– My results do not affect the way I am a mother. I cannot allow my working mood to somehow reflect on how I behave at home. No matter how hard it is, I try to be only joyful and happy in the presence of my son. Children need a positive and good example. If I walk with a displeased face, he will feel everything. I try, overcoming my fatigue, more

How important is this tournament to you in Russia, and who exactly supports you here?

– The last time I was in St. Petersburg was 12 years old. Now I just enjoy all this beauty when there is a lot of snow. I really like being here. First of all, I’m glad to be here. Russia is not so far from Belarus, so I am glad to play in Russia. You have always played aggressive tennis, especially today. But Petra Kvitova began to play more harmoniously – not just in one or two hits.

– What do you expect from the match with Kvitova?

– I think that we will not have very long draws. Judging by our former matches. We are always fighting to be the first to take the initiative. I don’t think her tennis has changed much. Yes, she began to move better on the court, she began to get better-protracted draws. For me today, the main thing was to play my tennis – regardless of what my opponent will do. I tried to dictate my game. So far this is the right attitude.

– How did you spend time after Australian Open and did your son come with you?

– My son is now with dad. I had a good time in Australia. I trained, walked with my son, went with him to museums and swimming pools. He likes to swim, he is good at it. Still, he is already two years old, he can swim a little himself.

What are your plans for this season regarding the ranking?

– When I make a plan, it does not always work. I try not to concentrate on it. To progress, you need to prepare for each match with the right approach. In fact, you need to learn how to enjoy tennis, and not think about some numbers.

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