May 6, 2021

Victoria Azarenka: Garcia is very dangerous

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka commented on the victory at the start of the tournament in Miami.

“Although we know each other well, we haven’t met for several years. I think the last time was just five years ago in Miami. It’s very dangerous because it goes to a very high level against top players in any circumstances. She’s always struggling. So I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Next I will meet with Garcia. It will be an interesting match after what was last year. In my opinion, in Cincinnati, we had our first and only match, and it turned out to be stubborn. I had a lot of opportunities. Garcia is a very talented tennis player. She knows how much, beats with high speed. She can serve very well. Of course, this is a dangerous tennis player “, – quotes Victoria press service of the Tour.

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