April 17, 2021
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Top Tennis Games for PC and Mobile Phones

Nowadays, tennis fans have a variety of ways to connect with the sport. One popular way is through playing tennis games, and as the graphics and technology have evolved so much, so too have the games. On that note, let’s take a look at two excellent tennis games that fans can play on their PCs, and three games they can play on their smartphones.

Virtua Tennis 4
Sega’s Virtua Tennis franchise continues to serve up aces. Virtua Tennis 4 stays true to its solid roots. It serves up exciting tennis action, intuitive gameplay, and fantastic graphics. It also includes a feature-heavy World Tour mode, mini-games, and even online play. This is one of the best tennis games available and it offers players the chance to play as some of the world’s top players.

AO International Tennis
Big Ant Studios deserve plenty of credit for turning AO International Tennis into one of the very best games on the consumer market. It did this by releasing over 10 game patches to improve the game. As the official game of the Australian Open the detail of the tournament is astonishing. While the game may only have a few licensed players, they are accurately rendered and look extremely lifelike.

One such player is Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal. He was chosen as the cover star, which is not surprising given he’s reached five finals and won the tournament in 2009. While that was his only victory at the Australian Open, it did mean that Nadal was able to complete his career Grand Slam a year later at the U.S Open. This made him one of best players in the sport’s history. Nadal is third on Coral’s list of the highest earning tennis players due to his victories at every Grand Slam tournament. He has continued his success this year by making it to the final of the Australian Open, winning the French Open, and reaching the semi-finals of Wimbledon. If you want to know what it is like to be Nadal, AO International Tennis will put you in his shoes.

Virtua Tennis Challenge
As mentioned above, Sega’s Virtua Tennis franchise is one of the best tennis series ever. Tennis fans can also get in on the action using their smartphones via the mobile game Virtua Tennis Challenge (available on both iOS and Android for free, but better with the paid, no-ads option). It is a retro Sega title, and it is a real treat. It retains Virtua Tennis’ same arcade-inspired gameplay, it’s fast-paced, and very easy to play. It’s a no-frills tennis game, and that is what makes it appealing.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution
Ultimate Tennis was good; Ultimate Tennis Revolution, its sequel, is even better. Livemint notes in its review of the game that Ultimate Tennis Revolution‘s graphics are better than its predecessor, with both the players and courts showing better details. The gameplay can be disorienting at first, but gets relatively easy and intuitive after a few tries. Its charm, though, lies in its off-the-court options, where you have to, among other things, upgrade your player’s skills and buy new racquets and shoes. It also has a World Tour mode, where you can play online and improve your rankings.

Stick Tennis
Like Virtual Tennis Challenge, Stick Tennis is a no-frills type of tennis game. It features easy, convenient control schemes, lightning-fast action, and quirky yet lovable art. It is simplistic in every sense: time the ball perfectly, then swipe to smack it back over the net. Yes, it’s that simple. But it is a joy to play nonetheless.

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