April 19, 2021
Stan Wawrinka

Stan Wawrinka: It is difficult to compare Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, they are completely different.

Swiss Stan Wawrinka told about his performance in St. Petersburg and life in the “bubble”.

– What can you say about today’s match? Did you play better or on the same level?
– I played better, I acted more aggressively. In general, I am satisfied that I won.

– It’s not the first time you come to St. Petersburg. Obviously, you like the tournament, and the audience loves you. Today most people supported Evgeny, but you also had your own fans. Weren’t you surprised by the presence of fans?
– I have fans all over the world. Of course, today they supported my opponent, but in general, people always treat me well and support me.

– Evgeny Donskoy repeatedly said that his problem is in his head. His colleagues expressed the opinion that his tennis level is much higher than his rating. Did it feel in the match?
– He is an excellent player and showed excellent tennis. I was more focused on my game. It was the first time we met on the court. I can say that he is not an easy opponent.

– You had two difficult matches in a row. Do you need tomorrow’s day off or in the conditions of the “bubble”, when you have nowhere to go, would you prefer to play every day?
– I am satisfied with the schedule. I came to the tournament especially early to get ready. I am completely satisfied with my schedule. In general, all this has been going on for 9 months. We, athletes, have to adapt.

Recently, Rafael Nadal won the 13th title at Roland Garros and was equal to Roger Federer in the number of victories at the Grand Slam tournaments. You played with each of the Big Three. Who is the greatest tennis player in history?
– Nadal has achieved an amazing result. It is difficult to compare these players because they are completely different. I enjoy their game every time I watch it. We should all enjoy it while we can see them on the court.


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