April 21, 2021
sofia kenin

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Who is Sofia Kenin coach?

Sofia Kenin is training under the guidance of her father Alex.

Sofia was born on November 14, 1998 in Moscow, but moved to the USA as a child. Currently lives in Florida. Her father Alex brought his daughter to tennis at the age of five and is still her trainer.

photo: twitter.com/SofiaKenin

Working as a coach, her father helped Kenin win the next tournaments.

  • Hobart 2019
  • Guangzhou 2019
  • Mallorca WTA 2019
  • Australian Open 2020

The father of American tennis player Sofia Kenin Alexander commented on his daughter’s victory at the Australian Open.

“It seems to me that players with Russian roots have an important rod – very tough – and it can’t be taken away.

Why did we leave Russia? I wanted a good future for my children. You understand, in the USSR it was not like it is in the world now: everything was forbidden. I’ve been trying to leave for eight years, but the state-controlled everything, we couldn’t see the world or simply, if we wanted to, go abroad.

At first, it was very difficult in the USA. In the morning I studied, and in the evening and at night I worked – I drove a taxi, although I did not even speak English. The dispatcher explained to me where to go, but I did not understand anything. It was hard, but I did it. We are capable of much if we want to survive, “Times quotes Alexander.

Sofia Kenin spoke about working with her father.

“He has been training me since childhood and knows more about my weaknesses than any other person. There are other people in Tours who work with their fathers.

We have good cooperation with him, I will not change anything. In Australia, we did a great job. Now I have reached the same level – why should I give it up?

We fully support Sofia.

After all, this week, with the help of her father, she reached the final of Roland Garros, where she will play with Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek.

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