June 23, 2021
Novak Djokovic after win over swiss Roger federer at Australian Open

photo: twitter.com/SkySportsTennis

Novak Djokovic: First of all, I thought about my game.

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic shared his impressions of the victory over the Swiss Roger Federer in the Australian Open semi-final.

– First of all, I thought about my game, and not what problems the opponent is experiencing. Of course, this was not easy. At the beginning of the match, I spent too much time watching how Roger moves, how he breaks through. I myself did not hit the ball as I wanted.

As a result, I lost 0:40 when the score was 1/4. Fortunately, I was able to complete some good innings and get back into the game. In general, the serve helped me out.

After winning the first game, I became calmer. In the second and third sets, I did not leave the feeling that it was I who controlled the course of the fight.

Confronting Federer is always difficult. Of course, it was clear that he was not one hundred percent ready. Therefore, I want to express my great respect for the way he fought. It is a pity that he had problems.

Overall, I think he showed a good game. He went out to the net, strove to perform a variety of punches. I do not know how much damage he has, but often injuries make him act more aggressively.

How do you comment on the fact that Federer has never withdrawn from a match in his 20 years of career?
“It deserves all respect.” I’ve been withdrawn more than once. I know how difficult it is to play with an injury. I know what thoughts immediately haunt you. However, only you can decide whether you should continue.

Of course, you can not compare different injuries, all individually. But the fact that Roger has never been withdrawn from the matches is amazing.

Are you satisfied with the form in which you approach the finals?
“Yes, I feel great.” The ATP Cup turned out very well, it was great preparation for the season. These competitions gave me extra positive.

So far in Melbourne, I have lost only one set. Now I will have two days of rest, so there will be enough time for recovery.

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In the second semi-final, two young players will meet – Zverev and Thiem. Which of them are you waiting for in the finals?
– Dominic beat me in London, and the day before brilliantly played against Nadal. I watched this fight. I think Thiem is one of the best players in the world.

He added to his game on a hard surface He used to be successful mainly on the ground, but last season he won Indian Wells. This probably added to his confidence.

Sascha didn’t start very well. At the ATP Cup he was not his own, he played frankly badly. However, in this tournament his tennis and confidence are impressive. He will play at this stage for the first time, so he will definitely be extremely motivated. It will be an interesting match, ”said Djokovic on the press service of the Australian Open.


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