May 12, 2021

Naomi Osaka: Why do people think this season is unfortunate for me?

Japanese Naomi Osaka commented on her victory in the quarterfinal of the tournament in Stuttgart, where she managed to recoup from the account 1/5 in the third set.

“I played very well in the first game, then it was a recession. I can’t say that the score of 1/5 set me free, but I played more freely and tried to be more stable. I always try to worry less because nerves take a lot of energy. Instead I am trying to find a way out of a difficult situation.

It seems to me that for the first time with the Australian Open I managed to win back the match and win. Today I will sleep well. I do not understand why people consider this season unsuccessful for me. I won the trophy at the Australian Open. Yes, I did not manage to defend the title in Indian Wells, but I cannot call my performance in the USA a failure. I can not say that it does not bother me. Because of this, I start to get nervous because of mistakes and stop enjoying tennis, but this is not the best option, ”the press service of the tournament in Stuttgart cites Osaka.

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