April 17, 2021

Naomi Osaka: My new coach doesn’t care

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka shared her expectations from the Indian Wells tournament.

“My environment is very positive. Nobody talks about a title defense. We just want to move forward. The point is not in defense, but in winning another one. We are in tune with this – maybe other people have a little different. Generally for It was a crazy period for me. You say that I won last year, but it seems to me that 10 years have passed. Last year I just tried to enjoy the tournament, maybe reach the quarter-finals. It sounds bad, but it’s true because I have never gone far on the grid of such a tournament. And in each round, I got excellent rivals, so I just tried to have fun. And then I won and thought: “Wow, maybe I can win the tournament.” Happened.


Now I still want to have a good time, but things have changed a bit since the first tournament in Australia, Brisbane. I want to show that worked out in training, and give all the best. And even if something does not work, I try to win. At the Australian Open I did it. I hope I can hone this skill. It seems to me that now I am becoming stronger, and when you become stronger, you become better. At the same time, with a new coach it is very cool to train, because he is very strict, but he is not afraid to joke. He is like a strict older brother who wants the best for you. He is tough, he doesn’t bother with you, but it’s clear that he doesn’t really care, ”the Tour press service quotes Osaka.

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