May 6, 2021

Naomi Osaka: Feeling very old

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka commented on entering the third round of the tournament in Miami.

“I am very glad that I found a way to win this match: the second set was very difficult. I started thinking about the victory and failed a little, but she played very well. The first matches are always difficult, and then there was a desire to play well after me failed to protect points for Indian Wells. We talk a lot with the coach. His strong point is a positive attitude. I was very annoyed, but at least I didn’t break the racket – something already.

During matches, I don’t think about what I’ve already achieved, but about what I’m doing now. I don’t think I won two “Helmets” and became the first in the world. I feel very old. It is very strange. I remember how I was 17 and I was the youngest in all tournaments. And now children win tournaments. It also inspires me. But this is not my generation – I am too old for them, “the Tour press service quotes Osaka.

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