April 21, 2021
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Most Bet-Worthy Upcoming Tennis Players

Change is imminent, especially in sports. Unlike the change of rules or the playing format, that happens once in a blue moon, it is the top-seeded players and teams that tend to rotate more frequently in any game. In tennis, though, a few players have been fan favourites for quite a while. These players that include Roger Federer, Venus and Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have been the talk of the town for over a decade. While they are still ruling the charts, there is new blood emerging in this much-loved sport. For punters and fans, focusing on these rising stars can be the perfect way to earn profits, while simultaneously witnessing the next tennis champions in action from the very beginning.


Before we delve deeper into listing the most bet-worthy upcoming tennis players right now, one needs to realise that betting has already become an integral part of the modern-day sports culture. There are other jobs associated with sports that you can take, but betting allows people to indulge in their favourite sports and earn while watching them. Tennis, being an individual game, requires much less research, and thus, is one of the most favoured games when it comes to sports betting.

Denis Shapovalov

Shapovalov has been under the spotlight for the past three years now ever since this 20-year-old defeated Rafael Nadal in a Masters 1000 match in Montreal. From being 143rd at the time, he is presently ranked amongst the top 20 tennis players in the world. During this time, he has upped his game, even more, winning a title in Stockholm and representing Canada in the Davis Cup. Admired by several top professional tennis players, who all think Shapovalov has busloads of potential, he is a strong contender that demands attention, whenever he walks on to the tennis court.


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Sofia Kenin

The present Australian Open champion has been the biggest surprise in Women’s tennis these past few years. While a great player, she wasn’t pitted as one to rise to the top, even by top professionals and pundits. Showcasing sheer mental and physical power, Kenin made everyone look up and take notice when she defeated Serena Williams during the French Open in 2019. Moreover, after her Australian Open win, the 21-year-old also became the youngest women’s Grand Slam winner since Serena Williams. Without a doubt, she is amongst the most promising rising stars in tennis, someone all punters should be following with much interest.

Andrey Rublev

Many punters would be hesitant to back a player whose career has suffered an injury, but if we know one thing about Rublev, it is that he never gives up. Since his return to the court, Rublev has made quite an impact defeating top players like Roger Federer and Dominic Thiem. He further went on to win the Kremlin Cup and managed to reach the UP Open quarter-finals. Backing this fantastic Russian player, with a brilliant playing style, can be your ticket to some lucrative bets.

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