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Maria Sharapova’s Net Worth – 2019 Updates

Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987 in the town of Nyagan, Russia. The attraction for tennis appeared in Maria as early as 4.5 years. In 1993, Sharapova played with Martina Navratilova in a demonstration match in Moscow. Martina saw Maria‚Äôs talent and told her to continue to play further. After these words, Maria’s father decides to take her daughter to the famous American Academy of Nick Bollettieri. Studying at the academy was very expensive. But the coaches saw potential in a young tennis player, and Maria received a scholarship.


Maria started her professional career in 2000 at the Eddie Herr International Junior Tennis Championships. In 2001, Sharapova began performing at ITF tournaments.

Maria Sharapova
Maria during her career has already achieved the following successes:

  • The owner of non-calendar (“career” Grand Slam) in singles.
  • Five-time Grand Slam winner in singles.
  • The winner of 39 WTA tournaments (36 – in singles).
  • The winner of the final championship WTA (2004) in singles.
  • The winner of the Federation Cup (2008) and the finalist (2015).
  • 2012 Olympic silver medalist in singles.

Maria Sharapova net worth

For her professional career, Maria received $ 38,560,323 in prize money, but this is not her main income. The main profit Maria receives from participating in the promotion of various products. The famous tennis player is engaged in the promotion of foreign brands, is shot in advertising cosmetics, sporting goods and health products. This activity brings Sharapova $ 15 million annually. She has collaborated with Nike, Head, Porsche, Tag Heuer, Palmolive, Evian and many others.

Maria is the owner of a sweets business called Sugarpova. A confectionery company specializes in making marmalade products and premium chocolate. Sugarpova brand is sold in 32 countries.

According to Forbes, the state of Maria Sharapova is estimated at more than 195 million dollars.

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