May 14, 2021

Maria Sharapova: Tennis is a business

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova commented on the victory at the start of the tournament in Mallorca.

“This is my first victory in about three or four months. It’s great to be back in Mallorca — a great place to practice and prepare for Wimbledon. My team likes it here, we are glad we came.

Winning is always nice. I haven’t left the court for quite a while, so I was glad to try different techniques and stretch my hands. I need to work a lot and add in many ways, but I need to start with something.

I only thought about how to finish the match and not spoil the return. I worked a lot, but it was a monotonous job. Everything concentrates on injury and proper recovery. So now I am glad to be back on the court. Tennis is a business that I do from a young age, and I am pleased to continue doing it.

In tennis, you never know what awaits you in the next moment. When recovering from an injury, it is difficult to talk about prospects. Of course, I want to show a normal level in serious tournaments, but now I start small. I have not played on the grass for a long time, so now we need to work and move forward. Stretch easy. I did not have the opportunity to work on the submission, so I’m happy with everything, “the Tour press service quotes Maria.

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