April 17, 2021
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Live Tennis Betting Advice in 2020

Tennis is popular all around the world and it is in the Top 5 sports on each continent. Therefore, live tennis betting is also quite popular. This article is meant for those who love to bet on tennis online. Stay tuned and find out how to bet on this sport in 2020.

Tennis Betting Odds

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Betting on tennis is quite simple because there are only 2 possible outcomes. That’s why tennis Moneyline betting is also called 2-way betting. This is the nature of the sport and it affects the odds. Both ATP and WTA odds are usually low because there are no tie. However, there are several ways to increase your tennis betting odds.

Find the Right Bookmaker

Some bookmakers tend to give higher live tennis odds with the sole purpose to attract customers. This is not a trick and you should definitely take advantage of that. Compare a few bookmakers that are available in your country and see who tends to offer the highest odds on tennis.

Try Something New

It won’t kill you if you leave your comfort zone from time to time. Try some new bets and you might profit. Handicap bets always have higher odds than regular bets. However, those bets are also riskier so you should know what you are doing. You can also try to bet on Set winners, numbers of games, number of aces and so on. Be creative and your betting experience will surely improve alongside with your tennis betting odds.

Avoid Betting On Favourites

Betting on favorites won’t get you anywhere. The odds are always too low and favorites do not always win. There are a ton of matches on each tennis tournament that you can bet on. Try to find some young hopes or some players that are currently in a great form. Expand your viewpoint,  don’t only focus on Top 10. It is also smart to avoid betting on players that you support. Don’t let your cheering spirit interfere with your wallet.

Live Tennis Betting

photo: twitter.com/livetennis

One of the most popular forms of betting is live betting. You can actually watch the match and see what is happening. If you have a passion for this sports and you use your free time to watch it, it is better to bet on live matches. You can see a lot of things that the bookmaker algorithm can’t and you should use that. Use your tennis knowledge right and you might profit from it. It is always easier to predict what will happen next in the match than who will win the match before it even starts.

Keep in mind that the odds on live tennis betting are constantly changing and you need to be fast. In fact, they change after each point. Just don’t hurry and bet smart. If the odds go down, they can easily go up again. Try to find the perfect timing and bet while the odds are at the highest point.

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