May 14, 2021

Kiki Bertens: Sabalenka plays very aggressively

Dutch tennis player Kiki Bertens commented on reaching the final tournament in St. Petersburg.

– Tell us about this victory.

– Very difficult match. She spent an incredible year and played very aggressively. I did well. I tried to choose a good time to strike, thinking through each of them. Satisfied with the result.

– How did you manage to beat Sabalenka?

– We have already met, and I knew that she punches very powerfully, especially from the forehand. So I wanted to make her run and beat her in the body or under the left.

– Did not you think that the hall is sick against you?

– Any support is good. It’s nice to play in front of such great fans. Some guys were rooting for me, and that’s great.

– You won all three matches against Arina. Tell about them.

– On the “Fed Cup” was an equal match, in Minsk – then everyone was rooting for her. Today was the most difficult of our duel, because she added. It was her best tennis against me. It was not easy.

Tell us about your progress.

– When I was younger – about three years ago – I went to the semifinals of Paris and after that I learned how to cope with pressure. Attention after success keeps in suspense. Then I was not ready, but now everything is easier. Now I am much more collected, it allows you to relax more.

– Tell us about your performance at the Final in Singapore.

– It was cool to play there. During the year I was close to the debut in the Top 10 and in a performance in Singapore. I really wanted this and hope that I will spend this year powerfully.

Tell us about your expectations from the final.

– Difficult match, with whom I would not play. In Brisbane, I already played with Vekic: I had match points, but I lost.  I hope that tomorrow’s final will be a good opportunity to take the title.

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