Kiki Bertens: Now not only Top tennis players win trophies

Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens commented on her entry into the quarterfinals of the Doha competition.

“In the first game I was too fussing, I tried to act aggressively, but it didn’t work. Сarla played great, served well. In the second set I began to delay the attack slightly. And at the beginning of the third game I simply used my chances. I wanted to immediately play great, but acted too actively. Good thing I managed to get even. At the beginning of the meeting, I had a lot of doubts, but then I convinced myself that I could do everything, because before that I had won quite a few matches.

Over the past few years, we have seen that many tennis players are able to win titles. Top players do not win trophies every week. At each tournament there may be surprises. Unfortunately, a number of tennis players withdrew from the tournament in Doha. I also felt unwell, but I am glad that I could play. Of course, I already feel better, but for now I feel not 100%. Nevertheless, I am pleased that I reached the quarterfinals, ”the WTA press service quoted Bertens as saying.

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