April 20, 2021

Karolina Pliskova: On the eve I felt disgusting

Czech tennis player Karolina Pliskova shared her impressions after the in the final of the Premiere in Miami.

“The first game was of key importance, because already in the fourth or fifth game I felt tired. Of course, if I could win this set, everything could have gone differently. However, in the end, it was incredibly difficult to fight in the second game. On the eve I felt disgusting. Before the final, the condition improved slightly, but it was still far from ideal. Also, the result was affected by the fact that Ashleigh was used to playing during the day, and I spent all my matches at a later time. Before our duel, I was able to fall asleep only at four in the morning. In recent tournaments, I always ended up fighting at the quarter-finals stage. I was sure I could play better. Of course, the final is a very good achievement, but I wanted to win the trophy. In the course of the competition, I had some good meetings. In particular, she managed to defeat Simone Halep. Perhaps it was my best match in the tournament. I would like to continue moving forward and analyze all the positive and negative points.

In general, the first few months of the season were excellent. Now I’ll arrange a little rest for myself and go to the Czech Republic. Then I will hold a gathering in Monte Carlo or Barcelona. I will have enough time to prepare for the ground competitions “, –  press service of Tour quoted Karolina.

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