May 6, 2021
Grigor Dimitrov

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Grigor Dimitrov Net Worth 2021 – How rich is the best Bulgarian player?

Grigor Dimitrov, long nicknamed “Kid Federer,” is the most famous Bulgarian tennis player in recent years. Many fans had high hopes for the young athlete, as he won the Junior Grand Slam in singles twice. He was predicted to win at least one Grand Slam title. However, contrary to all expectations, life for the tennis player turned out somewhat differently. Still, Dimitrov reached certain heights in tennis, which allowed him to significantly increase his net worth.

Net Worth 30 000 000$
Born 16 May 1991
Haskovo, Bulgaria
Height 1.91 m (6 ft 3 in)
Turned pro 2008
Plays Right-handed (one-handed backhand)

Grigor Dimitrov’s net worth

Many experts estimate the tennis player’s capital to be roughly $30 million. And most of it (about two-thirds) consists of cash awards for victories and participation in tournaments at different levels.

And although it is a modest achievement among the most famous figures of world tennis, it should be noted that the athlete has not lost his potential and is ready to conquer new peaks.

Prize money

Grigor Dimitrov photo:

Although the tennis player has repeatedly reached the semifinals in Grand Slam tournaments, he has never won. But even thanks to these successes, Dimitrov managed to significantly improve his financial situation, because this alone brought him an average of $18.5 million.

In addition, 2017 was the most successful year of his career for the athlete. Grigor won two prestigious tournaments during the year: The Cincinnati Masters, beating Nick Kyrios in the final, and beating Belgian player David Goffin in the ATP Tour Finals. These events could not go unnoticed and moved him up to No. 3 in the world rankings, earning him at least $5.5 million.

Also, in the account of the tennis player have won a number of famous tournaments, including the “Mexican Open” in 2014.

How much prize money Dimitrov have earned in the last 5 years? Here is details.

YearPrize money

Revenues from sponsors

Cooperation with major companies, the official promoter of which is a sportsman, has borne its fruit, and gave the opportunity to exaggerate the already serious capital.

Among the number of sponsors, the most important are:

Wilson Sporting Goods Company” – manufacturer of tennis racquets and other sports equipment. A high percentage of clean balls hit by Dimitrov is attributed to the rackets of this company, which itself makes a good advertisement. And although the funding in this case directly depends on the tennis player’s sports achievements, it gives an incentive for future victories.

Nike” – provides the athlete with equipment for matches, but funding and future contracts also depend on athletic performance.

Rolex” – the most famous watch brand on the entire planet makes a very tangible contribution to the athlete’s well-being. Thus, according to some reports, the terms of the contract with the Swiss firm, whose official advertising face is Gregory Dimitrov, provides for annual payments of 500,000 dollars.

Häagen-Dazs,” the most famous ice cream brand in America, is another official sponsor of the tennis player’s sports career. However, the amount of fees paid to Dimitrov was not disclosed.

What can we expect from Grigor in the future?

The career of any sportsman depends on many factors, chief among which will always be physical abilities as a guarantee of successful professional growth. Therefore, not a single sports expert will be able to determine with complete certainty the duration and stage of completion of the Bulgarian tennis player’s career. But the fact that Gregory Dimitrov still had some success, made a name for himself and attracted major sponsors to his side, probably, will still play its role in the future of the tennis player, who is not going to stop.

Of course, not a very successful career of the athlete in recent years had a negative impact, slightly undermining the confidence of fans, as evidenced by the rumors about the end of the tennis player’s career, but it remained only a rumor. In any case, Dimitrov is a notable figure in world tennis and could easily fill the high-paying coaching staff of former high-class professionals.

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