April 19, 2021
mutua madrid openmutua madrid open

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Top 7 Facts About Madrid Open

Spring is in full swing in Madrid and that can only mean one thing – Madrid Open is around the corner! We’ve gathered our top facts about Madrid Open that will amaze even the most dedicated of fans.

Tournament Mutua Madrid Open
Surface Outdoor,clay
Gender Male,Female
ATP Tournament
Draw single 56,doubles 28
Total Financial Commitment €7,659,165
Current Champion Men – Novak Djokovic
WTA Tournament
Draw single 64,doubles 28
Total Financial Commitment $8,344,977
Current Champion Kiki Bertens

1. Men’s tournament was held in 4 different cities.

photo: facebook.com/mutuamadridopen

This tournament appeared on the calendar of the ATP Tour in 1990, and immediately received the category of “Masters”. From 1990 to 1994, the competition took place in Stockholm, in the 1995 season made a short stop in Essen, Germany, and then “registered” for another six seasons in another major city in Germany – Stuttgart. Finally, in 2002, the tournament finally moved to Madrid [1]

2. The tournament was held on different surfaces.

Throughout its history, the event was held in the fall, on hard under the roof. At the same time, Tiriaс wanted to transfer the tournament somewhere in the middle of the season. A historical chance presented itself in 2008, when the structure of the ATP underwent significant changes. In connection with the decrease in the rank of “Masters” in Hamburg, the Romanian functionary managed to agree that this place in the calendar should be taken up by his own tournament. Accordingly, the coverage of the courts was changed – the place of the hard took the clay. [3]

3. The tournament is held simultaneously for men and women.

The women’s tournament in Madrid appeared in 2009 and immediately received the highest category – Premier Mandatory. It includes only 4 tournaments of the season (also the March Indian Wells and Miami, as well as October Beijing). All tennis players who qualify for a similar tournament by rating should not be missed. Otherwise, 0 points for it will still be considered as a tournament played and it is impossible to replace them with any successful performance in another competition.[4]

Champions for the last 5 years in singles among men

2019 Novak Djokovic
2018 Alexander Zverev
2017 Rafael Nadal
2016 Novak Djokovic
2015 Andy Murray

Champions for the last 5 years in singles among women

2019 Kiki Bertens
2018 Petra Kvitova
2017 Simona Halep
2016 Simona Halep
2015 Petra Kvitova

4. Unusual colors of the tennis court in 2012

Tiriac’s eccentric antics also add to the competition. The most famous of them was the laying of blue soil in 2012 – they say, against such a background, the ball is better visible during television broadcasts. True, under pressure from leading players, who were simply uncomfortable playing on the new surface, the usual brick-orange color was returned to the courts.

5.The world’s first virtual tennis tournament among professional players.

In 2020, in Madrid, for the first time, they decided to hold a virtual tennis tournament. Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus, all competitions were canceled, so the tournament organizers persuaded the athletes to take part in a virtual tennis tournament. [2]

6. Petra Kvitova set a record for the number of titles at the women’s tournament.

Petra Kvitova photo: instagram.com/mutuamadridopen/

The first champion in 2009 was the Russian Dinara Safina. Serena Williams (2012, 2013) and Simona Halep (2016, 2017) excelled twice. And the champion is Petra Kvitova – three titles (2011, 2015, 2018).

7. Rafael Nadal set a record for the number of titles at the men’s tournament.

For many years, the German record holder for the number of titles was Boris Becker – four. But recently he was overtaken by Rafael Nadal – five (2005, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2017), and he won both hard and on the clay.


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