April 14, 2021

Elina Svitolina: Knee problems started back in Dubai

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina in an interview with the press service of the tournament in Indian Wells told about her condition after the defeat in the semi-finals.

– In the decisive set, Bianca played well. My game went better and worse. I didn’t play as I wanted. I had my chances. I have not used them. That’s what didn’t work for me, that’s why she took advantage of her chance and played better in the third set.

Can you comment on the situation with your knee?

– Yes, I have a problem. They began with a tournament in Dubai. This is very sad, but I tried to do everything in my power to be ready. Getting around the court is a big aspect of my game. Unfortunately, the MRI results were not excellent. Let’s see what we do. I took painkillers, but the problem is still there. Today it was possible to notice that I am not moving too well. It did not allow me to play for one hundred percent, because I did not move as I can.

– What exactly is the problem?

– There is inflammation. Yes, something happens, we find out later, because it is a big inflammation and not much can be seen.

 “Will you take a picture or something, before you go to Miami?” 

Yes, I already took a picture before coming here. I’m going to do another one, because at some point I got worse, because I played three set matches. Painkillers helped only by half. So, I will look at the situation. Of course, I want to play in Miami, because this is a big competition, and I demonstrate good tennis. But, if I can’t properly move around the court, then this can be a problem.

– Fans curious about what happened yesterday at the hotel where you live, what you tweeted ?

– It was a bit scary at that moment, something like that happened to me for the first time. But in the end everything was resolved. So everything was fine with us, just too much stress. I think more about how this affected Gael because it was his match day. This does not happen every day, so there were experiences. Let’s hope that this will not happen again.

– You mentioned that Bianca plays well. It seems that she is capable of anything, she has no weak points. Did you feel the same on the court?

– Well, she owns all the components, she plays well. Today she took advantage of her chance. She shows great tennis – this is a good sign. She can definitely be on top of tennis, to be one of the top tennis players. Of course, she will need to play a lot of tournaments, a lot of matches. But at the moment she is a very, very good player. I hope in the future I will play many more matches with her.

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