May 18, 2021

Elina Svitolina: I just want to play without pain

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina commented on her defeat at the start of the tournament in Birmingham.

“There are not so many girls in Tour who play a one-handed backhand like Gasparyan. It can be quite difficult to cope with such a blow, plus it can be done with a good undercut. I would like everything to work out better, but I think some positive moments are also present. I see what I need to work on, and I see this match as a step forward, as progress, I can only highlight good moments. I feel better, I managed to do restoration work, and also practice a little. three months have not been laid down them, I’m just happy that I’m on the court and play without the pain that had been before.

Definitely, I will be competing in a Eastbourne tournament so that I have match practice. I hope that I can play well, and then we will see. No need to run ahead, no need to rush anything. I just want to play without pain and generally feel happy.
I would like to serve better. I actually played a bad game on the serve in the third set, it gave Gasparyan a chance to dominate the third game. I made some unforced errors that allowed her to make a second break, so it was hard to get back into the game. At least I could not do it. She played decisively on several important points, and I did it carefully. On the grass, this is unacceptable. This gave her the confidence to play even more actively. This is what I need to work on to be really aggressive in my next matches on the grass.

This is a new experience for me. Psychologically, it is not so easy – to return, if you lose the first few rounds in a row. We are working on this with my team. It’s sad that I lost this match, but I’m just happy that I have a chance to play at such tournaments. On the grass, I have no expectations. I just want to win as many matches as I can. If it does not work out, it means no luck. I am doing what I can, “Svitolina said ” Tennis of Ukraine. ”

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