April 18, 2021

Donna Vekic: It's not so hot in Australia – fifty degrees

Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic commented on the results of the draw tournament in St. Petersburg.

“It was a very interesting draw ceremony. It was nice to see so many people at the stadium. By the end of the draw, I can say that I will have a very difficult grid. There will be no easy matches. I hope I can start well. I myself took part in the ceremony. She joked that I wanted to get someone out for myself, but, of course, I didn’t mean anyone. As I have already said, the grid is difficult, and there are literally no easy opponents. Even in the first round there will be no easy matches.

Glad to be back in St. Petersburg, this is one of my favorite tournaments. People care about us so much: nice staff, cool hotel and great city. I feel right at home. And the stadium here is great. You play well in such a tournament. I would like, of course, to stay in the grid until the next weekend, and there will be no difference with whom to play. In the final always strong rivals.

Heat in Australia? Everything is not so bad – some fifty degrees. Approximately “, – Donna told at a press conference.

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