April 19, 2021

Donna Vekic: I don't care with whom to play in the semifinal

Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic commented on reaching the semifinal of the tournament in St. Petersburg.

– It is more pleasant to win the second racket of the world, but not the forty second?

– Yes of course.

What was the game plan?

– Play the first violin, serve well, open the court and make it run.

Who will you support in the last quarter finals?

– Both are very good tennis players, I will watch the match a little and will prepare with the team. I do not care.

How do you cope with difficult moments on the court?

– Sometimes I call a coach to the court – often helps.

Tell us about working with a new coach.

– We have been working for about a year. But nothing concrete: improving the flow, working on stability. We do a lot of work in Monaco and Geneva.

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