April 17, 2021

Caroline Wozniacki: Siegemund is doing everything to knock her rival off the beat

Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki shared her impressions of the victory in the second round of the tournament in Monterrey.

“Siegemund obviously loves to play on a dirt surface. She understood that a tough fight awaits me. She throws off a short one, then plays on her feet, then cuts a corner. All this is done in order to knock the opponent off the rhythm. Laura plays very diverse. When you watch her actions from the side, you tell yourself: “So, I understood everything.”

However, already during the fight you realize that everything is not so simple. She never breaks the same several times in a row. A couple of days ago I had a training game and had to play another one the day before, but the weather conditions were unimportant. However, I think that showed enough quality tennis. Of course, the main goal in the unpaid season – “Roland Garros”. I want to approach him in the best possible way, ”the WTA press service quotes Caroline.

“My next opponent, Michaela Buzarnescu, moves very well around the court and beats a lot of balls. Last season she showed excellent results until she got injured. She also plays on the ground with pleasure. We have met many times, including in junior level, so I know her well. You will need to play as aggressively as possible, “Wozniacki added.

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