Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Bianca Andreescu: Victory in Toronto will give me confidence

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Canadian tennis player Bianca Andreescu shared her impressions of winning the tournament in Toronto.

“Of course, it was not easy for Serena to withdraw from such a match. I understand how she feels. Even during my short career I have come across this many times. Sometimes you need to listen to your body so as not to aggravate the situation.

I did not notice that she had any problems, therefore I was surprised. I hope that she will recover soon. It seems to me that many players pay too much attention to physical preparation, forgetting about the mental component. But in fact, in fact, the body obeys the brain. So if you are psychologically strong, you can find additional resources in yourself. This is exactly what I do throughout the season.

The victory in Indian Wells was not easy for me. However, now I performed at home and did a great job to win this title. For me it is ten times more important. We had a lot to go through with our parents. Hug them after the finale was real happiness. I want to dedicate this trophy to them.

I really try to learn, to constantly learn something new. I like it. I believe that power lies in knowledge. Of course, a victory in Toronto will give me confidence. Proud of myself. I was able to cope with the pressure and lived up to the expectations of many people. I hope this helps me at the US Open, ” WTA Insider quotes Andreescu.

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