March 9, 2021

Belinda Bencic: Psychological moments can not be trained

Swiss tennis player Belinda Bencic commented on the victory over Elina Svitolina at a tournament in Dubai.

“I try to be as calm as Federer. I know that I still have before him, but I try. With a score of 3/5 in the third set, I completely switched. I almost did not breathe, played on the machine. At such moments you don’t think, instincts lead you. It’s impossible to train the psychological side. Yes, you can call coaches, psychologists, and so on.

But I think that it’s rather a matter of approach to work, of motivation. Such tense moments cannot be worked out in training, in the gym – only in matches. And this week I had a lot of training, “- Bencic quoted the press service of the Tour.

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