May 11, 2021

Belinda Bencic: I always have a lot of emotions on the court

Swiss Belinda Bencic commented on her victory at the start of the tournament in Hobart.

“This match was similar to a roller coaster, mainly because of the wind. I understood that I would not be able to win with a score of 6/2, 6/2, but I tried to pull out as many balls as possible. In such circumstances, it is difficult to adhere to a certain plan or tactics. I just carried out blows, forcing the opponent to be wrong. I always have a lot of emotions on the court. Sometimes it seemed to me that the wind was playing against me, but then I remembered that we were in the same conditions. Sometimes emotions help me add, sometimes they interfere, but I am such a person. I will never be able not to show them at all “, – Bencic quotes the press service of the WTA.

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