April 17, 2021

Aryna Sabalenka: With Tursunov, the initiative comes only from me

Belarusian tennis player Aryna Sabalenka commented on .

– How do you like a workshop on cooking dumplings?

– I would say that I am much better in tennis than in cooking. Variety, entertainment, beautiful view. Little switched, maybe it played a role in today’s victory.

You chose it yourself? Kvitova was in the Hermitage.

– Organizers offer a selection of entertainment. And you choose what you like more.

Dumplings ate?

– Yes. That was tasty.

You had a recession in the second set.

– In fact, it is difficult at this level to keep the concentration from beginning to end. I try to improve this component. A little failed attention, but this did not stop to win.

– What do you think about the next opponent?

– I played with her in China, at the beginning of the season. She is a difficult player, very active and aggressive, well served. Must be an interesting match.

– You took the balls that won. Are there any more signs?

– No will, in fact. It happened by chance. Step over the lines or straighten clothes, or take the ball – this is not.

– Do you set goals for tournaments?

– I have a main goal for tournaments – to play every match a hundred percent collected. There is no such thing that I say: I will definitely win. The ball is round – anything can happen. By this you underestimate your opponents, and I prefer to underestimate and then win.

– You trained on the main court.

– I once practiced on the central court. From the training differs only in the stands. After tournaments on the street there is not enough oxygen. And so no difference.

Is the attitude to you different in Russia?

– Of course, different. Still, closer to Russia, we are located, and people are more sick for me. There were few people, but according to my feelings, everyone supported me. Native atmosphere: I have not seen snow for a long time.

Do you call the coach to the court or does he give you signs?

– With Dmitry, the initiative only comes from me. From not eager to run out on court. If I need to hear him, I call him.

– Are you not afraid that in the next match will be ill against you?

– No, I heard that they were shouting to me: “Belarus with you” – what else do I need. Both with flags, and with portraits were.

What coverage and what tournaments do you like?

– Coatings – I love everything. All kinda interesting. Tournaments – I really like Miami, US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon. Many like, almost everything.

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