May 12, 2021

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: You can recoup from any account

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova commented on her defeat in the quarter finals of the tournament in St. Petersburg.

In Australia, you managed to defeat Kiki Bertens. What did not work out today?

– Today, my shoulder worried me more than yesterday. I do not know what it is connected with. Unfortunately, it did not help me today. The feed was not very good. This also affected the course of the game, since Kiki played aggressively, without major mistakes, so if you don’t have a submission, it’s hard to play. Simply put, she actively played. She had fewer unforced errors in the third set, and she served better. And better played the third set.

– It seemed that after losing the second set, Kiki was still mentally experiencing this loss, and you had the opportunity to immediately break. If this happened, then the set probably would have been different. Is this the correct impression?

Maybe. Again, my submission today was not at the highest level, so it is difficult to say. The last days I was here and I didn’t feel very well, even yesterday. There were moments at the reception, which I did not really like.

– It seemed that after 0/4, you stopped fighting. Is it so?

– No, it is not. I fought to the end. From any account you can win, but today just did not work. The whole match today was very hard for me. It seemed that the third set just played a role. She took her filings easier – it seemed that she was generally easier.

After the first match won here, you said that a day of rest is very good. Now you played without it. Maybe just a rest and not enough?

– No, these are normal conditions. Always in tournaments there is usually one day of rest, and then you play every day. There is such a difficult coverage, so when you play such heavy matches, it is difficult to immediately recover. But I do not think that it played a special role today – just lost.

Argued that hard most traumatic coating. What do you personally like to play?

– I am very afraid of grass, because there you can slip a lot. I like the ground better. More tournaments are held on hard, so we are used to it. And it makes no sense to think that this is the most traumatic cover, since professional sports are generally not very good for health.

– What made the positive out of the tournament, still played in the quarterfinals? And will you come back here next year?

– Reaching the quarter finals is always a good idea. Of course, I want more. But here I came from the ship to the ball – after the “Slam” in Australia, I didn’t really train and played, I think, not bad. The grid from the first lap was not the easiest for me. She returned the favor to Jelena Ostapenko – it is always nice. It is always a pleasure to return. And today I also struggled, and even in such a difficult situation for myself I did everything I could. I hope to come back next year.

And will Bertens return the favor?

– I have already returned to her earlier – at the tournament in Wuhan and in Australia, and for today’s defeat, I will also have to return the favor, so I will prepare.

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