May 14, 2021

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: I do not like it when I am very confident in myself

Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova told whether she is thinking about titles.

“I don’t allow myself to do that. Because every day everything starts anew. Honestly, I don’t even like to be very confident in myself. This is a very subtle moment. At the court, at once you allow yourself to act imposingly. I prefer to play with a little excitement. Then I feel that I am clearly concentrating on each ball, otherwise everything.

Even in a match with Collins, I easily won the first set of 6/2. It was very dangerous. Not that she allowed herself to relax, she simply did not enter the match, did not feel the struggle.

Sometimes, when the first set develops hard, then it is simpler – everything goes on increasing, but there was no rhythm. And from the second set, the opponent began to play more actively than I, “- quotes the words of Pavlyuchenkova Sport Express.

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