April 14, 2021

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: Began to play more stable

Russian tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova commented on her victory over Jelena Ostapenko in St. Petersburg.

Before, you lost Ostapenko, and now you won. What have you added, and she turned it down?

– What did she turn down? Better to ask her. I began to play more securely: I struggle, I play, there is no secret here. I felt fine, I wanted to win. I’m glad, although it was a difficult match. She played well.

You said that you need to endure on these courts, but Ostapenko does not like to endure. Did you play on your own or adjust?

– I always make a start from myself, because I can’t look at my opponent and play at the same time. If you constantly think: “Now she is mistaken,” – so it will not work to play. I always try to act actively, even against it. In the first set I could not take the initiative, because she plays well and beats under the back line.

Was it easy to play after the flight from Australia?

– To play in general is not easy, even without changing the continent. Here from the first circle is a difficult grid. But I try not to think about it and play once arrived. I do everything possible, despite fatigue and small injuries.

Was there an offer to play in a pair in St. Petersburg before the Fed Cup match?

– No, there was no such offer. Now I am glad that I am not playing a couple. It would be too much. And so enough work and fatigue. I played a couple in Australia, even though one match. Orient on the site.

How old are you with the current coach?

– Muratoglu told me: “They don’t look for good from the good”. When you change coaches and a team a lot, it affects. This time I decided that I needed stability in the team. Trainer on OFP with me since 2016. With physio, I just can not find stability. I hope that someone will linger for a long time. I want to create a team that will always be with me. Despite the result. You need to believe in the process.

A workshop on dumplings helped you?

– It did not distract me, because it was in the morning and not for long. After that I trained. It helped to switch, because lately only “courts – hotel, courts – hotel, physio”. Made a positive in my boring life. Aryna was fun, she is very funny. And the dumplings turned out delicious.

– Shamil Tarpishchev said that you “unfortunately love sweet things.” Not offended? Is it easier to move now?

– I have not heard that Shamil Anvyarovich said this. He probably knows better. You can ask him about my movements. Perhaps you said, and threw him. I do not know what to say. Motion? Sweets help. Glucose makes itself felt.

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