June 19, 2021
Lorenzo Musetti

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Why did Lorenzo Musetti retire at the French Open?

You don’t win two sets against Novak Djokovic by chance: history says it and the applause that the audience at the Chatrier reserved for Lorenzo Musetti confirms it. The Italian tennis player played for more than two hours on equal terms against the 18-time Slam champion at the age of 19, and it doesn’t matter if in the end cramps, back problems and the same indomitable Djokovic had the better of him; because Musetti earned with this performance the respect of those who have written the most beautiful pages of this magnificent sport.

Musetti’s words after the defeat against Djokovic

“It was a fantastic experience. I played my best tennis ever for two sets, both of which were long and lasted more than two hours. Obviously, I’m a little disappointed with what happened.

I won the first two sets against the world number one; then I had a physical problem. The match against Marco Cecchinato, which also ended in the fifth set, was very hard and intense, maybe this put me to the test.

Why did Lorenzo Musetti retire?

I had some cramps, then my back hurt and I was no longer able to play. The pains started slowly in the third set, then worse and worse in the fourth and then the cramps in the fifth. I’m still happy with my tournament and the level of tennis I played today.

I feel bad for the crowd, but I didn’t have a chance to score any more points. I thought it was the best thing to do. What did I think after the first two sets? It’s hard to explain. I was showing my best tennis and I’ve never been in a situation like this.

For almost two hours I kept a very high level, maybe higher than my usual level. Even from my point of view it was surprising. Then he started to play better and the first pains appeared.

But I never saw myself as a winner. Against an opponent like Novak, until you shake his hand at the net, you can never consider yourself the winner”. Musetti then talked about his season on clay and the season to come on grass.

“I think I did very well. When you top your best ranking week after week, it means you’re doing well. I started in the top 100 after the Acapulco tournament and now I think I’ll be close to the top 60.

I think it’s been a really good season so far. Wimbledon is my favorite Slam. I played as a junior on grass once and felt comfortable there. I really enjoy it and I hope it applies the same now.

I know every tournament is different, but I’m going to try to give it my all and reach the second week again, although I’m not promising anything.”

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