May 18, 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas: I did not give my opponent to play in the usual manner

Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas talked about winning the quarterfinals of the tournament in Washington.

“I am satisfied with the level of my game. I was able to win the second set very competently. This will allow me to feel more confident. I didn’t give my opponent the opportunity to act in his usual way, and this became the key to success,” the ATP press service quoted Stefanos as saying.

The Greek also commented on the fact that during the second installment his laces were torn and he was forced to go change shoes.

“It certainly wasn’t on purpose. This has already happened to me. It happens in key episodes when I give all my best. But I won’t continue the game if I have the lace untied. In such a situation, the shoe can fly off,” Tsitsipas noted .

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