May 12, 2021

Sloane Stephens: If someone calls me fat, so be it

American Sloane Stephens spoke about her training sessions and haters in social networks.

“I do a lot of cardio, because tennis is a very intense sport. During the season, there are more exercises for strength and endurance. In fact, you don’t have much time for full training. You have to warm up, sometimes you also play in a couple, sometimes you reach the very end of the tournament and immediately go to the next one.

Many people judge me based on what they see. However, they forget that we are all human, and we may have health problems or other. It took me a while to handle this. It is not easy, because you are constantly being judged, but then I thought: “Well, if someone calls me fat, let it be so,” says Stephens UbiTennis.

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