May 14, 2021
Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens has reported the loss of a loved one.

American tennis player Sloane Stephens, who is preparing for the Australian Open in total isolation, has spoken about the death of her grandfather.

“My grandfather went to God and the love of his life. His heart just couldn’t take that kind of loss.

Grandpa was incredibly kind, and I will always miss him. I can only hope that I too can bring love and happiness to as many people as he did. He was a model of love, kindness and generosity, an example of a truly kind man.

I always wanted him and my grandmother to be proud of me. Thankfully, they got to see my tennis dreams come true. I am grateful for all the time I spent with them. And it’s good to see their traits in my mom, who remains a pillar for me.

Stories will be told of their love. May they rest in peace.”


The athlete has lost her third member of her family recently. Earlier, Sloan Stevens spoke about the tragedy that recently occurred in her family. The athlete’s aunt and grandmother died because of the coronavirus

Sloane Stephens with Grandma

“My heartache is incredibly deep. We just recently buried my aunt and a few weeks later my grandmother. COVID-19 picked up my Aunt Anna the day after Christmas and my grandmother last Sunday.

They both helped me become the woman I am, gave me the strength and faith that have kept me going as I face this year without them.

My grandmother showed me how strong we can be, how gratitude leads the way, and that kindness always prevails.

My aunt taught me to never put up with rejection, to fight for my dreams, to get up after a fall, and most importantly, to love myself.

Grandma and Aunt Anna, I know I will hear your voices when I pray. You are always with me. I love you. Rest in peace.”


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