May 19, 2021

Roger Federer: Edmund rather weakly started the match

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer commented on reaching the quarterfinals of the Indian Wells tournament. The athlete won his 65th match in local competitions.

“Kyle didn’t start the match very well, and it cost him the first set. It’s hard to find the right pace. With such a powerful game, he needed a good start or good conditions, and today it didn’t exist. , he just needs to add, work, and then he will again have good results. tats. He knows that.

Then I will meet with Hurkacz. This is a young, promising player, so it will be fun. I saw him only in training. It’s great that now there is an opportunity to look at him in a match and truly feel what he is capable of. In general, I like the fact that I don’t play with the same people every week, “the Tour press service quotes Federer.

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