May 14, 2021

Robin Soderling: Djokovic is able to beat Federer’s record

Ex-fourth world racket Sweden Robin Soderling expressed the opinion that Serb Novak Djokovic will be able to beat the Swiss record of Roger Federer in the number of victories in Grand Slam tournaments.

“It seems to me that such a possibility exists, however, Novak needs to avoid injuries. A couple of years ago he had a very hard time. Federer had no such problems during his career, except for knee surgery.

Djokovic can beat this record, but he will have to show the highest level tennis for a few more years, and this is hard. Of course, it is interesting to observe this confrontation. Roger will soon be 38, and he still claims to be the “major” title. It is amazing.

Federer’s career is not yet complete. I think he can be in the Top 4 for a few more years, “Tennis World quotes Soderling.

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