May 9, 2021

Rafael Nadal: I can take a few more titles this season.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal commented on his defeat at the tournament in Madrid.

“I think what is happening now is a much more normal situation than what has happened these 14 years. I still have time, I have something to show in tennis. I will try to give me the opportunity to win such tournaments I haven’t won this season, for that I need to be physically ready and play properly, show a high level of tennis.

I did not manage to make Tsitsipas feel that it would be difficult for him to cope with my forehand. To be honest, I have the feeling that the outcome today depended more on me. He is young, he is progressing, he has good talent. But I don’t see how I could lose this match if I played at the same level as our final in Barcelona last year or in a match in Australia at the start of the season. So I feel. Maybe this is not the point, but I have such feelings. I think that I still have a good chance to compete for major titles in the continuation of the season, there are still two tournaments on the ground ahead. Let’s see what happens there.

Tennis is winning or losing. Many years on the ground I could win. This year, it seems that this is not happening. It is necessary to accept it, as I always accept it, as normal things. But acceptance does not mean that I will not try to change something. Throughout my life, I naturally perceive my victories, and I have the same attitude to defeats.

Why can’t I win the title this year? You can find a lot of reasons, or different “if”, “why”, but in the end it matters whether you play good tennis. If you show a good level, as if I showed it today, then I would win this match. I did not manage to play as well as I would like. So, the conclusion is simple – I could not win.

This is a defeat, this is a missed opportunity to play in the final of an important tournament for me, an expensive tournament. This means that I will not be able to hold a match, spend another day in front of these amazing people who come to support me. What they give me cannot be described, there are not enough words to thank them, ”Nadal quotes Tennis of Ukraine.

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