April 19, 2021

Novak Djokovic: Medvedev and I respect each other very much

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic commented on reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

– First, thank you for staying so late – or it’s already early. I had to do all the post-match recovery procedures, because the last minutes of the 20th match I was feeling unimportant. Tomorrow we’ll see how the body reacts to this. But I am sure that I can recover and will be ready for the next match.

What is your injury?

– This is not due to the fact that I fell in the match. Just fatigue imposed on the tension in the back. Nothing serious. But after such a match a couple of nuances arose. Tomorrow will be seen.

What was your mood?

– For the most part there was such a game of cat and mouse. Therefore, the match was so delayed: we had draws for 40-45 shots. Physically, the game was very costly, because each of us understood that he could not afford to lose points. He has a very good decent backhand, so on the left he did not give anything, and under the right hand he did not always succeed. It was necessary to endure and build sweepstakes. Everything often depends on well-being. But in my opinion, I still played well.

– It seemed that after the match at the net you were joking with him about something. Can you tell what?

– Medvedev and I respect each other very much. We often train together in recent years – he also lives in Monaco. At the net, he asked if I was sweating. It made me laugh, because the answer is obvious.

You saw yesterday how Stefanos beat Roger?

– It was a great match. I saw a bit and the quality of the game was fantastic. Stefanos showed his maturity and ability to cope with the pressure in the face of Roger and the support he was given. Considering all the circumstances, Tsitsipas – a great fellow. For a 20 year old boy he was very impressed. I wish him all the best for the rest of the tournament. Roger also played well – the match was very hard. All decided a pair of glasses.

There are many cameras on the tournament territory. Do you notice them, think that you are constantly being filmed, or do you not care?

– Differently. The cameras in the corridors between the parking lot, the dressing room and the gym do not bother me, although they usually shoot us there. But I don’t really like the fact that they remove the transitions between the ice baths, the recovery center and the changing rooms. Many times there I saw our favorite model – Fabio Fognini – in a bathrobe, how he goes there, here and there. Women are even worse, because no one takes a bag with them when they go to take an ice bath, so they then need to run around in a towel where there are other people. I do not really like it. And the rest, we all have long been living under the supervision of Big Brother. I think, with this, you just need to come to terms.

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