April 18, 2021
Naomi Osaka

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Naomi Osaka’s Racquet | Which brand does she prefer the most?

Naomi Osaka despite her very young age is already a real star. The 1997 Japanese tennis player was the first Asian to reach world number 1,and won the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Naomi is as much a sunny, respectful and genuine girl in interviews as she is a great fighter on the court: modern, powerful and aggressive game from the back make her a really difficult player to face for all.

Like many young tennis players, Osaka chooses Yonex as her game equipment, specifically the model of Yonex Ezone 98 305g.

Naomi Osaka’s Racquet is Yonex Ezone 98 305g

9.4/10 Our Score


  • Head Size:98 in² / 632 cm².
  • Length:27in / 68,5cm
  • Strung Weight:320g / 11,3oz
  • Balance::32,39cm / 6 pts HL
  • Composition:M40X/HM Graphite

Yonex once again updates the EZONE 98 (305g), one of the most comfortable modern racquets ever. Used by Naomi Osaka, the EZONE 98 not only features impressive levels of spin and precision, but also better touch and feel than many similar racquets.

For 2021 Yonex redesigned the frame for more stability and made the hitting surface slightly wider to forgive a few more mistakes. New technologies include the Linear Tech system, which reduces string friction on the frame for extra comfort and power. This technology also provides less spacing in the middle and more at the sides, improving shock absorption on off-center hits. To increase stability and optimize flexibility at impact, Yonex used a unique, strong and elastic graphite called M40X in the throat.

This racquet also features Vibration Dampening Mesh technology in the handle to decrease vibration and have a cleaner ball impact. On the forehands, the EZONE 98 provides excellent levels of speed, spin and precision. Compared to the previous version, it is much more responsive and elastic at the top of the head. With a lower swingweight of 320-RDC, this racquet isn’t as stable as a traditional one, but the light weight and easy acceleration come in handy for extra spin and strokes on the run. At net, the EZONE 98 moves well and has great touch for those who like to make their opponent move.

Aggressive hitters will find excellent levels of precision, power and spin potential in full swings. Overall, with overall feel improvements, this update to the EZONE 98 is a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for lightness, feel and playability.

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