May 6, 2021
Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini: Important victory for my confidence

No tennis player is able to express his best level in every moment and in every circumstance. During a tournament, especially if we are talking about a Grand Slam event, players have to learn to manage difficulties and overcome obstacles even when things seem not to work.

Matteo Berrettini knows it very well, who in the second round match against Tomas Machac did not shine but still brought home a very important result. The Italian player won the match with the score of 6-3, 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 and will face Karen Khachanov in the third round.

Important victory. Against Khachanov it will be tough. This is an important win for my confidence. Winning without expressing your best tennis is a good sign.

The serve, the forehand, the backhand and the response, a little bit of everything, didn’t work as I wanted, but mentally I stayed there and accepted the situation. I didn’t know my opponent, I had never seen him.

I think he played a very good match. He was unpredictable and I had to work hard to beat him. Steady growth? In 2019 everything happened so fast and I didn’t have time to realize and think about what I had done.

It wasn’t until 2020 that I realized what happened. Now I’m a more mature player than in the pastMatteo Berrettini


Berrettini then talked about his next challenge.

I know Karen pretty well; he knows me too. We are the same age and it will be a difficult match, especially because we will play in a Slam. He’s a really strong player and it’s going to be tough, but in the third round of a Major I don’t think there are any easy matches. I can’t wait to get on the court.Matteo Berrettini

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