May 6, 2021
Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Serena Williams: Everyone always plays tough against me

Tennis superstar Serena Williams has reached the third round of the Australian Open and can continue to dream of her 24th Grand Slam title. The 39-year-old US player beat Serbian Nina Stojanovic 6:3, 6:0 in her second match in Melbourne.


Serena Williams, in an interview with the tournament press office, answered the question of which career-ending opponents she misses and which she does not.

It’s a tough question, and the answer could be the same. I’ve always been interested in facing Martina Hingis. It’s hard to answer that all at once. A lot of people have already left.

That said, I can’t say I miss Martina. Our matches were always long, with very long games. Nothing personal, though. After the first year we got along great and I started to like Hingis.

Actually, now I’m trying to remember who I’ve played with before and everything gets mixed up. Did you mention Justine Henin? She’s had some great matches against me too. Everyone always plays hard against me. I’ll have to think about your question some more.

Serena Williams

Her last triumph at one of the four most important tournaments was in Melbourne in 2017. She has won the trophy seven times down under. Williams will now face Anastasia Potapova from Russia.

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