April 19, 2021

Magnus Norman: Wawrinka can still beat anyone

Magnus Norman, the Swiss mentor of Stan Wawrinka, shared his expectations from his return to the Top.

“He can still beat anyone. The question is whether he can play at a high level for more than 11 months to return to the Top. I have no doubt that he will do it. Some people have problems with self-confidence after returning, but Stan more important to return to its former form. Wawrinka lost about a year due to surgery.

In my opinion, he is still returning. Nevertheless, he is very motivated and behaves professionally on and off the court. I do not see any signs that he may soon get bored with tennis. He knows that he is getting older, and he understands that he must act smarter, especially as regards his body. He changed the course of training with a fitness trainer. Now the workouts have become shorter, he wants to show explosive tennis, “quotes the words of Norman Tennis World USA.

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