Karen Khachanov: I had health problems, but this is already in the past

Russian tennis player Karen Khachanov commented on the defeat at the start of the tournament in Dubai.

“The conditions were strange, and the opponent was difficult. He won deservedly. I felt good all week, I beat the ball well, but today the ball flew wrong because of the wind. Sometimes I just couldn’t attack and all the time defended, there was nothing left. But he is good. At first, the game was more or less equal, I had break points. If I took advantage of them, the match could be different. Naturally, losing is unpleasant. I don’t think anyone likes this. Maybe the results I have now are not the ones I expected. I had some health problems, but this will not change. You need to take it for granted and continue to work. By and large, nothing changes, nothing stops.

It is still only the beginning of the season, and I need to believe that I can start playing again at the same level as before. You can sit and say that I am so sure of myself and I feel great. But confidence is given to you by victories, and after some defeats it is especially needed. Unfortunately, defeat is inevitable. The last three tournaments did not go the way I wanted. There are two Masters ahead, and I will rectify the situation, “the Tour press service quotes Karen.

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