April 19, 2021

Juan Martin Del Potro photo:tennis365.com

Juan Martin Del Potro: I want to give myself more time to get in shape.

Fans of Juan Martin Del Potro hope that he will shine again soon at the Grand Slam tournaments, but the Argentinean is still recovering from another knee surgery.

In the ESPN Interview, the Argentinean told about his injuries that hindered his career.

When in 2015 I had a wrist injury, I set a boundary for myself that would mean the end of my career. Thank God I didn’t do it this time.

I also said that two knee surgeries would be my limit. But I rescheduled three. I want to give myself more time to get in shape.

I love tennis and I want to meet again with everyone who helped me in my career. I want to do it on the court, not outside it. The court is the place where I belong.
Del Potro


Despite the fact that Del Potro is only recovering from his injuries, he expressed his desire to speak at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. In an interview with Tennis World USA, he said he is giving him more strength to get back on tour.

“To be honest, it will be very difficult for me to go back, it’s a real challenge, but I’m not ready to give up everything. I refuse to end my career off the court and would like to speak at the Tokyo Olympics next summer.

My passion for the game is still with me and motivates me, despite all the problems. Because of my wrist problems, I have changed the technique of hitting the ball, but I can’t change the way I move to help my knees in any way.

The fact that the Olympics were postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic gave me additional strength to come back.
Del Potro

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