June 19, 2021

Ivo Karlovic: And I myself know that I am old

Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlovic commented on entering the third round of the tournament in Indian Wells.

“It is obvious that now 40 is like 30 before, so I am young again. I like it. Every week I become the oldest someone. Next I will probably be the oldest who do not have a hip prosthesis. But I myself know that is old. Of course, it’s great. I still do what I love, I hope I can continue for a very long time, but if not, then everything is fine too. A year ago, I was thinking about retirement.

My wife and children could not ride with me, so every time I left home everything was terrible. They were sad, I was sad, and I didn’t really want that. But it’s getting better now. When you start to win more, everything becomes good. I know that I can not continue forever, but I want to squeeze as much as possible. Of course, I always have some problems with my knee, shoulder, back, elbow. But I can continue, all is well, “- quotes Ivo press service of the Tour.

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