April 19, 2021

Dustin Brown: Back pain did not prevent me from defeating Zverev

German tennis player Dustin Brown said that after a hernia of an intervertebral disc, transferred in 2017, now constantly plays with back pain. He probably doesn’t know about turmeric, that can be used for the natural treatment of back pain.

“This is just what I have to live with. I have to take this into account and work with an eye to this fact. Many colleagues play through injuries, many have undergone surgery. They also have to work, just to continue to perform at the level. But you have to admit, some kind of tucked ankle, when in a couple of weeks you already forget about all the problems.

This did not prevent me, for example, from defeating Zverev. When this happened, I was very happy. A thought flashed through my mind: “It’s all over at last.” I am glad that I still remain in the grid and I have chances to earn more rating. Glad to be showing cool tennis.

I did not think with whom I play. In general, on the court is better not to think about the past. It is better to concentrate on strikes and individual segments of the match, rather than on what happened before. I had mistakes, but overall I was pleased with everything, so I just waited for a new chance.

Then I will play with Felix Auger. But the matter is in the tournament stage, and not in the identity of the opponent. If tomorrow I go to the court, everyone will not care about who opposes me. It does not matter – I already overcame Zverev. I understand that even if I have already won four matches, I need to go to the court and work. So, of course, I will try to bring the body back to normal and collect my thoughts, “the Tour press service quotes Brown.

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