May 14, 2021

David Ferrer: Trophies are just pieces of metal. Love is the main thing that tennis gave me

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer shared his memories of the most iconic episodes of his career.

“Of course, the final of the 2013 French Open was the peak of my career, but in that fight I didn’t have a single chance against Nadal. There’s no one to blame, just that day I had a lack of motivation. I went to court, not believing in your strength.

Another unpleasant moment was the Olympics in London. We fought for the bronze with Feliciano Lopez, but in a very difficult meeting we lost Tsong and Lodra. This defeat was especially offensive for the reason that during the whole match we were better.

Actually, I never won in Madrid or Roland Garros. There are other tournaments in which I would like to win. However, in the end, trophies are just pieces of metal. The main thing that I took from tennis is love. She will remain with me forever, and I am sincerely grateful for this, “the ATP press service quotes Ferrer as saying.

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